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Singer Algérian established in France, SiKamel  conquered the public of
Guelma, at the time of the international festival of the Musiques Actuelles.

Making himself conspicuous  by a strong presence on stage, carried by the cheers of a very many audience, Si Kamel  interpreted during half an hour  “Isbas “most known of his rich program, in particular those of his last album “Dessine-moi un autre Monde”.

Sings by an unrestrained rhythm,  bringing the hundreds of young people to transform the steps into stage of dance. It should be said that  he subjugated his audience as his entry on stage by reciting worms in homage to Algeria and glorious “chouadas “.  Words full with emotions very appreciated  by  the audience and the local authorities, in particular  the Wali of Guelma.

The witnesses quite simply cracked in front of the show of the artist and the musical group which accompanied him.  The applause, the “youyous” and the dances carried out by most of the public constituted alone a spectacle in the spectacle exploding the clapometer.  “It is an enormous pleasure for me of producing me at home in Algeria ” entrusted the artist, a few times to us after his passage noticed to Guelma.

“I make concerts in Turkey, in Tunisia, in Lebanon, and in all Europe, but nothing in the world will please any more to me that the concerts in Algeria as my concert at the stage of Guelma in front of 32 000 people ” He adds.

The artist is not close forgetting the emotion which has him étreint right before entering on stage and going to the conquest of the heart of his compatriots. “After the concert, continues the artist, I remained in my cabin at least 10 minutes, not knowing where I was.  It is this kind of single emotion which I seek as an artist.  This essential emotion which makes fear, which advances and even doubt. It is something of indescribable “.

For many members of the audience, there were 2 festivals in Guelma, that of the Current Musics and that of  Si Kamel, so much the artist puts the very high bar. Low hat!  Roll on the next concert of Si Kamel in Algeria.

Hafid HAZOUZ of the Daily newspaper Transaction